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22 01 2020

Grants Awarded for Projects under the 2nd Request for Applications

This week we have completed all procedural activities needed for awarding funds under our grants program and the second Request for Applications.

18 11 2019

CEP presents recommendations for consumer protection in enforcement proceedings

What is the position of a debtor in enforcement? What do you do once you are served by the Public Enforcement Officer over your utility debt?

28 10 2019

Forum of Judges of Serbia completed the ’Analysis of Small Claims Cases’ project

Today’s presentation in ‘Aero Klub’ in Belgrade marked the end of the implementation of the ‘Analysis of Small Claims’ grant project for the Forum of Judges of Serbia.

27 09 2019

Grants: Call for Applications open until October 25, 2019

USAID Rule of Law Project published a second Request for Applications today seeking project proposals within our grants program

19 06 2019

Conference ‘Improvement of the Position of Judicial Assistants’

At a conference held in Hotel ‘Moskva’ today, our partners from the Association of Misdemeanor Judges, the Association of Judicial and Prosecutorial Assistants, and the Belgrade Law Conference presented

19 06 2019

BEKOP finalized their project 'Strengthening Serbian Judiciary by improving the Position of Judicial Assistants’

‘Assessment of the Position of Judicial Assistants in the Judiciary of the Republic of Serbia and Recommendations for Improvement’

14 06 2019

Consumer Protection in the Enforcement Procedure

During the first two weeks in June, our partners from the Center for European Policy (CEP), who are implementing the grant project ‘Access to justice in enforcement proceedings - building a model through consumer protection lens’, organized two events, in Leskovac and Belgrade

04 12 2018

Grants Awarded to Four Civil Society Organizations

Cooperation with partners on activities which contribute to realizing Project objectives for the USAID Rule of Law Project, while at the same time help strengthen the participation of the civil society in improving the rule of law, are at the core of our grants program.

05 09 2018

First Request for Application for the Grants Program

USAID Rule of Law Project published a Request for Applications today seeking project proposals within our grants program.