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08 02 2019

Communication Workshop for the High Court Council

What is the communication minimum? What key sentence describes the High Court Council and its importance for the courts and the society at large? How does the perception that the employees have on the institution they work for affects the image of that institution in the media and among the citizens?

26 11 2018

New Communication Strategy of the High Court Council and Courts Adopted

On the session held on November 26, 2018, the High Court Council adopted the 2018-2022 Communication Strategy for the Council and the Courts. The USAID Rule of Law Project developed this document as the basis for establishing proactive, consistent and strategic communication

09 10 2018

Communication Strategy for the High Court Council and the Courts Presented

During the second day of the Annual Judges’ Conference in Vrnjacka Banja, after the meeting of all courts presidents, projects funded by international organizations were given an opportunity to present their work and results.