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05 12 2019

Training on amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security Completed

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Academy, between October 1 and December 5, USAID Rule of Law Project delivered 10 one-day training sessions

04 12 2019

Public Relations in Courts – Two-Day Workshops in Belgrade and Novi Sad

In 2018, USAID Rule of Law Project supported the initiative of the president of the High Court Council and the Supreme Court of Cassation and developed a 2018-2022 Communication Strategy for the HCC and the Courts.

28 10 2019

Forum of Judges of Serbia completed the ’Analysis of Small Claims Cases’ project

Today’s presentation in ‘Aero Klub’ in Belgrade marked the end of the implementation of the ‘Analysis of Small Claims’ grant project for the Forum of Judges of Serbia.

30 09 2019

Training on the changes to the Law on Enforcement and Security

Amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security have been adopted in July, while their implementation is set to start as of January 1, 2020.

24 06 2019

First Part of the New Judicial Development Strategy Consultation Process completed

The fourth roundtable within the consultative process on the working text of the new 2019-2024 Judicial Development Strategy was held today in Belgrade.

19 06 2019

Conference ‘Improvement of the Position of Judicial Assistants’

At a conference held in Hotel ‘Moskva’ today, our partners from the Association of Misdemeanor Judges, the Association of Judicial and Prosecutorial Assistants, and the Belgrade Law Conference presented

10 05 2019

Relations between Courts and the Media

On May 10, 2019 in Kragujevac, a roundtable on the topic of relations between courts and the media was held, organized by the Supreme Court of Cassation, Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

31 01 2019

Draft of the new National Judicial Reform Strategy presented

Today, in the premises of the Judicial Academy, the first meeting of the working group appointed by the Ministry of Justice to develop the new 2019-2024 National Judicial Reform Strategy was held.

07 12 2018

How to Collect Court Fees More Efficiently

Calculating and processing court fees is an administrative step of every court procedure which, especially in courts with a large number of cases, can take away a lot of judges’ and court staff time that they would otherwise devote to adjudicating cases.

16 03 2018

Presentation of the 2017 Report on the Work of All Courts in the Republic of Serbia

The USAID Rule of Law Project, in co-operation with the World Bank, provided support to the Supreme Court of Cassation for the presentation of the 2017 Annual Report

15 03 2018

Best Practices for Efficient Court Management

On March 15, 2018 in Belgrade, the USAID Rule of Law Project organized a peer to peer workshop on the topic of best practices for efficient court management.