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20 01 2020

Electronic Notice Board for the Enforcement Procedure

Since January 1 this year you can check the contents of the writs you are being served with in the enforcement procedure quickly and easily on-line, with just a few clicks, at

31 12 2019

eBoard Video tutorial

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice we developed two video tutorials for the users of the electronic notice board in the enforcement procedure. 

06 12 2019

Round Table on the Results of the First Cycle of Regular Supervision over the Work of Public Enforcement Officers

Today in Belgrade, a roundtable on results and conclusions from the first cycle of regular supervision over the work of Public Enforcement Officers (PEOs) conducted earlier this year 

05 12 2019

Training on amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security Completed

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Academy, between October 1 and December 5, USAID Rule of Law Project delivered 10 one-day training sessions

30 11 2019

Public Relations - PR Manual for Public Enforcement Officers

After several successfully delivered training sessions on public appearance and public relations, held in 2019, and attended by a quarter of the total number of public enforcement officers in Serbia


18 11 2019

CEP presents recommendations for consumer protection in enforcement proceedings

What is the position of a debtor in enforcement? What do you do once you are served by the Public Enforcement Officer over your utility debt?

30 09 2019

Training on the changes to the Law on Enforcement and Security

Amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security have been adopted in July, while their implementation is set to start as of January 1, 2020.

14 06 2019

Consumer Protection in the Enforcement Procedure

During the first two weeks in June, our partners from the Center for European Policy (CEP), who are implementing the grant project ‘Access to justice in enforcement proceedings - building a model through consumer protection lens’, organized two events, in Leskovac and Belgrade

31 05 2019

Law on Enforcement and Security Amendment Drafting Finalized

The process of drafting amendments to the existing provisions of the Law on Enforcement and Security started back in April this year with the support of the USAID Rule of Law Project and within one of the largest – and most inclusive – working groups appointed by the Ministry of Justice for legal drafting.

01 04 2019

5th Annual Conference of Public Enforcement Officers

With the support of the USAID Rule of Law Project, the Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers has organized the 5th annual conference in Zlatibor, on March 29-30, 2019.

21 02 2019

Training Public Enforcement Officers in Communication and Public Appearance

As the perception survey that we carried out back at the beginning of 2018 in cooperation with CeSID demonstrated the citizens have a predominantly negative attitude towards enforcement and the public enforcement officers, citing to a large extent insufficient information and understanding of the procedure as a cause for this.

26 12 2018

Towards A faster And More Efficient Enforcement System in 2019

In the past two days, the USAID Rule of Law Project, in cooperation with the EU technical assistance project, EU for Justice - Support for Chapter 23, rounded off the efforts that have been continuously invested in improving the existing system of enfocement throughout 2018 jointly with the Ministry of Justice.

19 10 2018

Cadaster Electronic Data Exchange: Public Enforcement Officers User Training

As of November 1, 2018, in accordance with the Law on the Registration Procedure with the Cadaster of Real Estate and Utilities, the public enforcement officers are obliged to submit all documents related to changing information on listed real estate to the Cadaster electronically.

09 08 2018

e-Auction for Transparent and Fair Enforcement

Introducing an electronic platform for carrying out the selling of movable and immovable property in the enforcement procedure is one of the options currently considered in the process of drafting amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security.

05 04 2018

Changes to the Law for More Efficient Enforcement

Law on Enforcement and Security has been in force since July 2016. During almost two years of implementation of the Law certain issues have been identified that warrant further harmonization of practices and updating of the existing framework

25 03 2018

4th Annual Conference of Public Enforcement Officers

On March 24-25, 2018, in Kopaonik, with the support from the USAID Rule of Law Project and the Supreme Court of Cassation

05 03 2018

Perception Survey on the Enforcement of Judgments in Serbia

In November 2017, the USAID Rule of Law Project partnered with CeSID on conducting a comprehensive perception survey on the enforcement system in Serbia.

15 02 2018

Harmonizing Practices Related to the Enforcement Procedure

On February 20, 2018, in Kragujevac, under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Cassation, the USAID Rule of Law Project joined forces with the EU Judicial Efficiency Project

24 11 2017

Conference on Challenges in Enforcing Judgements in Serbia

On November 24, 2017, in Belgrade, USAID joined forces with other donors (the European Union, the World Bank and the Council of Europe) in facilitating a conference on challenges