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05 12 2019

Training on amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security Completed

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Academy, between October 1 and December 5, USAID Rule of Law Project delivered 10 one-day training sessions

30 09 2019

Training on the changes to the Law on Enforcement and Security

Amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security have been adopted in July, while their implementation is set to start as of January 1, 2020.

10 06 2019

First Round of Advance Training for Judicial Assistants Held

Judicial assistants – for the uninitiated, it is more than 1500 people responsible for everyday efficient operations of the Serbian courts.

20 12 2018

Quicker Recovery of Damages with Less Costs Through Settlement

One out-of-court settlement in the case of breach of the right to trial within reasonable time saves 161 days in trial duration and 12.239 RSD in costs.

29 10 2018

Training – Law on the Right to Trial Within Reasonable Time

One-day workshops which were held in parallel today in Novi Sad and Kragujevac mark the beginning of a series of training sessions on the topic of the right to trial within reasonable timeframe.

19 10 2018

Cadaster Electronic Data Exchange: Public Enforcement Officers User Training

As of November 1, 2018, in accordance with the Law on the Registration Procedure with the Cadaster of Real Estate and Utilities, the public enforcement officers are obliged to submit all documents related to changing information on listed real estate to the Cadaster electronically.

25 09 2018

New Round of Training for the Judicial Assistants

In cooperation with partners from ‘Alterfakt’ and the Judicial Academy, we have started a new round of training for the judicial assistants on the topic of legal drafting and reasoning for first instance decision in the civil procedure.

20 06 2018

Support for Judicial Assistants in Drafting Well-Reasoned Decisions

In the period from April to the end of June 2018, USAID Rule of Law Project, in cooperation with our partners from Alterfact, and the Judicial Academy, organized five one-day training sessions for judicial assistants on the subject of drafting first-instance decisions in civil cases.