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6th Annual Assembly of the Association of Judicial and Prosecutorial Assistants

01 12 2018

6th Annual Assembly of the Association of Judicial and Prosecutorial Assistants

Association of Judicial and Prosecutorial Assistants held their 6th annual assembly on December 1 in Belgrade. The event in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce gathered around 80 participants which discussed topics of importance for the work of the Association such as the results achieved in this year as well as plans for next year.

In her opening address, the president of the Association, Jelena Gajić, emphasized that this year 250 judicial and 100 prosecutorial assistants were appointed to a judicial function, as a judge or a deputy public prosecutor, while the importance of the importance of the work they perform every day was recognized on the part of the Ministry of Justice thus the judicial assistants were awarded a well-deserved spot in the draft of the amendments to the Constitution in the area of the judiciary.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Radomir Ilić, pointed out the importance of active participation of judicial assistants in identifying system-level solutions which will additionally define their position and role in the judiciary during the process of legislative amendments of a set of judicial laws that will follow the adoption of changes to the Constitution.

USAID Rule of Law Deputy Chief of Party, Dragana Lukić, presented both the already implemented as well as planned activities that the Project is working on together with the Association. She invited the judicial assistants to submit their ideas and suggestions for the policy paper the Project developed which was presented during November in round tables held in four appellate seats. This is a platform that should provide direction for improving the position and status of the judicial assistants.

The policy paper will be further refined and will serve as a starting point primarily for the representatives of judicial assistants participating in the working groups tasked with legislative changes providing them with realistic and objective proposals for defining their position, while also being taken into consideration in the process of drafting the new National Judicial Reform Strategy.

Director of the Judicial Academy, Nenad Vujić, also spoke at the opening, stressing the importance of establishing tight cooperation between the Academy and the Association in joint efforts on identifying the best solution for the process of initial appointment to a judicial function.


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