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Belgrade Appellate Court presented 2017 Annual Report

01 06 2018

Belgrade Appellate Court presented 2017 Annual Report

President of the Belgrade Appellate Court, Duško Milenković, presented today the 2017 results of the work of this court, as well as basic and higher courts operating under its jurisdiction. In the past year, the Appellate Court noted a decrease in its caseload by 73.2% demonstrating that this court is significantly contributing to making justice more accessible in a quick and efficient manner to everyone looking for protection of their rights before the court. It was also emphasized that, in the past several years, the courts working under Belgrade appellate jurisdiction have been operating with an ever-increasing incoming caseload while all planed positions for judges have not been filled in.

Average duration of appeal procedures before this court was five months for civil cases, six months for labor disputes, while criminal cases have been disposed of within two months on average. Organized crime and war crimes cases were handled within four months on average.

This is the fourth and last presentation of an annual report on the work of the courts supported by the USAID Rule of Law Project. It was particularly emphasized today that appellate courts are expected to continue with these events, addressing not only the professional public, but the citizens as well in order to enhance public trust and confidence in judicial efficiency by demonstrating results of their work in a transparent manner.


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