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Cadaster Information Available to Courts in One Click

10 09 2018

Cadaster Information Available to Courts in One Click

As part of our ongoing activities, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and its Department for e-Justice, the USAID Rule of Law Project supports the development of the judicial information system – PIS and other IT tools that contribute to greater efficiencies in judicial proceedings. Apart from accessing data on citizens’ residence addresses, mandatory social insurance, citizens’ records, etc., as of today, authorized PIS users can also access the electronic real estate registry managed by the Cadaster. The registry can be searched by using the unique personal identification number, the company identification number, and the cadaster plot number. That means that it is not necessary to obtain paper copies of real estate folios as information on property ownership can be accessed electronically. This information is of great importance for quicker proceedings in both court cases and the enforcement procedure, which means both time and costs savings for the citizens.


12 02 2019