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Communication Strategy for the High Court Council and the Courts Presented

09 10 2018

Communication Strategy for the High Court Council and the Courts Presented

During the second day of the Annual Judges’ Conference in Vrnjacka Banja, after the meeting of all courts presidents, projects funded by international organizations were given an opportunity to present their work and results. Marc Lassman, Chief of Party, presented the work of the USAID Rule of Law Project. Apart from essential information on activities related to improving court operations, utilizing IT tools in everyday work, greater judicial transparency, and improving the system of enforcement of judgments and the work of the State Attorney’s Office, Lassman thanked the court presidents for their readiness to share the valuable time and knowledge of their judges and staff in order to help the Project achieve planned objectives and activities.

Later that same day, with Project support, a panel titled ‘Courts and the Media’ was held. This was the first time that direct dialogue between the representatives of the media and holders of judicial functions was facilitated during the annual judges’ conference. This panel brought to light the significance of this extremely important relationship that needs to be as healthy as possible in order to guarantee that the right of the public to be informed about the work of the courts as impartial, independent and efficient bodies is fulfilled, while at the same time respecting the presumption of innocence and the right to privacy for the parties to a procedure.

USAID Rule of Law Expert, Branko Hrvatina, presented a draft Communication Strategy for the High Court Council and the Courts during this panel. The Strategy was developed by the Project as the basis for establishing proactive, consistent and strategic communication of the judicial system towards the citizens and media as an integral part of their everyday operations. The Strategy envisages introducing professional PRs in courts, as well as creating a national court PR network which would allow for knowledge and experience sharing with regard to public and media relations. Draft of the Strategy will be submitted to the High Court Council for adoption.


12 02 2019