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Communication Workshop for the High Court Council

08 02 2019

Communication Workshop for the High Court Council

What is the communication minimum? What key sentence describes the High Court Council and its importance for the courts and the society at large? How does the perception that the employees have on the institution they work for affects the image of that institution in the media and among the citizens? How to improve the internet presentation of the High Court Council to allow not only the formal but the functional transparency as well? We tried to identify answers to these not so easy questions during a three-day workshop that was organized in Šabac for the representatives of the Council’s Administrative Office.

In addition to identifying the necessary improvements to the internal and internet communication of the Council, the workshop served also as an opportunity to present the objectives and measures contained in the Communication Strategy for the High Court Council and the Courts which was adopted in November 2018. On the basis of measures identified, under the guidance of the Project’s expert, Branislav Cale, we managed to define activities that are specifically outlined for the High Court Council in the Strategy and which can be implemented in this calendar year.

The most relevant suggestions for improving the content and appearance of the Council’s web page that would allow for easier navigation through the main categories and drop-down menus and a better user experience were also presented to the staff of the High Court Council’s Administrative Office. Through group work and animated discussions, we have come up with a communication minimum for the Council – a one-pager containing most important information on the role and jurisdiction of the High Court Council, as well as results achieved in the past year.

USAID Rule of Law Project will continue to support the Council in improving transparency and the manner in which this institution is communicating both with the wider professional community and the media and citizens alike.


12 02 2019