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Consumer Protection in the Enforcement Procedure

14 06 2019

Consumer Protection in the Enforcement Procedure

During the first two weeks in June, our partners from the Center for European Policy (CEP), who are implementing the grant project ‘Access to justice in enforcement proceedings - building a model through consumer protection lens’, organized two events, in Leskovac and Belgrade, which have brought representatives of the consumer protection organizations, public enforcement officers, and public utility companies, around the same table to discuss openly issues related to consumer protection in the enforcement procedure. Representatives of consumer and other civil society organizations, public enforcement officers, judges and lawyers, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications, attended the event in Belgrade. CEP presented their assessment as well as the proposed model of cooperation between the enforcement officers and the civil society so as to ensure continuous monitoring of consumer protection during enforcement. The report from the event can be found here.


12 02 2019