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e-Auction for Transparent and Fair Enforcement

09 08 2018

e-Auction for Transparent and Fair Enforcement

Introducing an electronic platform for carrying out the selling of movable and immovable property in the enforcement procedure is one of the options currently considered in the process of drafting amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security. In order to gain immediate insight into the functioning of one such platform, the members of the working group working on the said amendments attended a meeting in Subotica today whereby an e-auction application in use in the neighboring Hungary was presented. e-Auction primarily allows for fair and transparent proceedings where information on the auction, conditions of sale and all necessary documentation are made publicly available enabling free and open competition for all interested parties, with less costly proceedings and the sales going through within the shortest possible timeframe. Representatives of the USAID Rule of Law Project attended the presentation in Subotica which was jointly organized by the Chambers of Public Enforcement Officers of Serbia and Hungary.

The intention of the Ministry of Justice to introduce e-auction as part of the amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security was announced several days later by the Minister of Justice, Nela Kuburović.


12 02 2019