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Cadaster Electronic Data Exchange: Public Enforcement Officers User Training

19 10 2018

Cadaster Electronic Data Exchange: Public Enforcement Officers User Training

As of November 1, 2018, in accordance with the Law on the Registration Procedure with the Cadaster of Real Estate and Utilities, the public enforcement officers are obliged to submit all documents related to changing information on listed real estate to the Cadaster electronically. The Ministry of Justice, with the support of USAID Rule of Law Project, developed an application that makes electronic communication between the public enforcement officers and the Cadaster considerably faster and easier. Allowing efficient electronic submission and updating of information on real estate ownership stemming from enforcement procedure means greater legal certainty for the citizens as selling of such real estate for any other purpose will be rendered impossible.

On October 16-19, 2018, the USAID Rule of Law Project, with the help from our partners, ‘Alterfakt’, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers, and the Judicial Academy, conducted user training for the above mentioned application for 432 Public Enforcement Officers and staff from their offices. This training was practical, hands-on, in order to ensure that the electronic document exchange runs as smoothly as possible once it would have become mandatory next month. In addition, this training was once again used as an opportunity to present and emphasize the advantages and all functionalities available in the Judicial Information System (PIS).

Apart from allowing the public enforcement officers to effect automated updating of data related to real estate ownership status, it will also make it possible for them to check the status of the request for changing data on a real estate, as well as receiving the Cadaster decision electronically. The Project will continue to provide user assistance to public enforcement officers and their staff in order to ensure the application is running smoothly; a detailed user manual, a step-by-step guide for using the application, has already been developed.


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