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First ‘bench-bar’ conference for judges and state attorneys

11 12 2017

First ‘bench-bar’ conference for judges and state attorneys

On December 11, 2017, in Belgrade, the USAID Rule of Law Project facilitated the organization of the first ‘bench-bar’ conference for the judges of the First Basic court in Belgrade and Deputy State Attorneys. This event was an opportunity to have judges and deputy SAs meet in an atmosphere of open dialogue and exchange experience on issues they are facing in practice, as well as attempt to identify potential solutions.

After the introductory address of the USAID Rule of Law Project Chief of Party, David Greer, a wide range of issues was discussed, including opportunities to enter into settlement agreements, improving efficiency for small claims, and proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Natasa Plavsic, Deputy Public Attorney and Agent of the Republic of Serbia before the ECHR, gave a brief presentation which was met with great interest on the part of judges to continue consultations on the ECHR practices.

All participants expressed their wish to continue with this type of events which may include other stakeholders, such as representatives of the executive branch of the Government, the High Court Council, the Supreme Court of Cassation, etc., depending on the topics to be discussed. The Project will support this type of interinstitutional dialogue on a quarterly basis. The next meeting is planned for February/March 2018.


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