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Forum of Judges of Serbia completed the ’Analysis of Small Claims Cases’ project

28 10 2019

Forum of Judges of Serbia completed the ’Analysis of Small Claims Cases’ project

Today’s presentation in ‘Aero Klub’ in Belgrade marked the end of the implementation of the ‘Analysis of Small Claims’ grant project for the Forum of Judges of Serbia. This initiative was realized with the support from the USAID Rule of Law Project’s grants program. The grant project was aimed at developing a statistical analysis of the small claims cases in the courts in Serbia which then served as a basis for identifying recommendations, guidelines and measures the implementation of which should lead to increased efficiency in the work of judges and courts in disposing of these cases.

The Forum of Judges of Serbia implemented this project in the period between December 2018 and October 2019. Guidelines contained in the publication completed after a thorough assessment point to actions to be undertaken in line with the existing legal framework, primarily by judges handling the small claims cases; recommendations pertain to activities to be implemented by the courts themselves, the Judicial Academy, and other institutions; proposals identified are related to necessary changes to the legislative framework with the objective of improving the efficiency of litigation in small claims cases.

You can find the complete text of the Analysis here.


12 02 2019