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Grants Awarded to Four Civil Society Organizations

04 12 2018

Grants Awarded to Four Civil Society Organizations

Cooperation with partners on activities which contribute to realizing Project objectives for the USAID Rule of Law Project, while at the same time help strengthen the participation of the civil society in improving the rule of law, are at the core of our grants program.

The USAID Rule of Law Project published the first Request for Applications within the grants program in September this year. After evaluating the applications received, the Project grants committee selected four projects to be awarded USD 125.000 in total through the grants program. The following projects were selected:

The Association of Misdemeanor Judges will work with the Association of Judicial and Prosecutorial Assistants implement a project intended to identify the career path for judicial assistants as well as formulate recommendations for improving their position in the light of the proposed changes to the Constitution in the area of the judiciary;

The Belgrade Law Conference will implement a project which is also intended to work on improving the position of judicial assistants, looking at this issue from the perspective of judges and their views on the role of the judicial assistants in the court proceedings. These two projects are complementary and will result in a comprehensive assessment which will contain concrete proposals for improving the position of the judicial assistants in the Serbian judiciary;

The Forum of Judges of Serbia will implement an initiative aimed at analyzing the application of provisions related to small claims in the civil procedure and provide recommendations for more efficient disposal of these cases;

The European Policy Center will work on improving the access to justice in the enforcement procedure i.e. on identifying an efficient model for monitoring the work of public enforcement officers on the part of civil society organizations.  

The grant award contracts were signed today during a signing ceremony we organized for our partners. We have also used this opportunity to present the rules and procedures for grant project implementation.


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