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How to Collect Court Fees More Efficiently

07 12 2018

How to Collect Court Fees More Efficiently

Calculating and processing court fees is an administrative step of every court procedure which, especially in courts with a large number of cases, can take away a lot of judges’ and court staff time that they would otherwise devote to adjudicating cases. USAID Rule of Law Project is working on improving the system of court fee collection together with the partners from the Ministry of Justice and basic courts.

As part of this activity we have organized a round table today in Belgrade for the representatives of three Belgrade basic courts – judges, registry chiefs, clerks, typists and IT administrators – in order to get their input on how to automate this administrative task by upgrading the existing case management system operating in basic courts, AVP. The round table participants demonstrated exceptional interest to this topic and with their constructive suggestions showed the willingness to work towards an efficient model for court fee collection and processing.

The Project is also working with the Ministry of Justice on determining the best option for a centralized electronic application that would allow the Ministry, the High Court Council and the courts to carry out centralized monitoring of court fee collection from over 120 different accounts utilized for paying the calculated fees. All this would contribute to the improvement of the procedural discipline in courts and increasing the amount of fees collected one part of which goes back to the courts for improving their material position.  


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