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Institutional Development through Strategic Planning

01 09 2018

Institutional Development through Strategic Planning

Representatives of the State Attorney’s Office, including the State Attorney herself, Olivera Stanimirović, gathered in Vršac on August 30, 2018, to participate in a three-day workshop dedicated to team strategic planning, organized by the USAID Rule of Law Project. In an attempt to find right answers to key questions – where do they find themselves as an institution at the moment?, where do they want to be?, and, most importantly, how to achieve the desired level of development?, with firm guidance from our expert, Jarmila Bujak Stanko, a group of 24 deputy state attorneys and advisors worked on developing the so called SWOT analysis. This document is the basis for determining strategic priorities and objectives of an institution, as well as identifying measures and activities to realize them. Through an inclusive process, priorities were identified with regard to internal and human resources, case management, clearance rate, budget planning, managing both internal and external communication, and planning training activities.

The three-day workshop was delivered in the atmosphere of congenial dialogue and exchange of opinions between seasoned professionals and their younger colleagues who have started their careers with the State Attorney’s Office fairly recently. The result of the three-day effort is the first draft of the Strategic Plan for the State Attorney’s Office. The Project will support this institution in finalizing the strategic planning exercise by the end of the year.


12 02 2019