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Judicial Assistants Job Satisfaction Survey conducted

20 11 2017

Judicial Assistants Job Satisfaction Survey conducted

The USAID Rule of Law Project worked with the Association of Judicial and Prosecutorial Assistants on conducting a job satisfaction survey among the judicial assistants concerning their position, status, and working conditions. The survey, based on 401 questionnaires (a representative sample covering almost 30% of the total number of judicial assistants), is significant for assessing the current position of the judicial assistants in the judiciary of Serbia from both their personal and professional perspective. Responses provided point towards the need to further improve the status of the judicial assistants, as well as increase the remuneration to be commensurate with the work they do. Also, the results unambiguously show the need to remove the judicial assistants from the ranks of the civil servants and integrate them into the judiciary.

Survey results will help further shape Project activities on improving the legal framework regulating the status and responsibilities of judicial assistants, as well as delivering training and implementing other efforts that will engender adequate recognition of the importance of this profession among the ranks of the judiciary, as well as the general public. 


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