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Judicial Information System (PIS) for Efficient Courts

21 05 2018

Judicial Information System (PIS) for Efficient Courts

USAID Rule of Law Project provided support to the Ministry of Justice during April and May with presenting the Judicial Information System – PIS, according to its Serbian acronym – to the representatives of basic and higher courts belonging to Nis, Novi Sad and Kragujevac appellate jurisdiction. These events gathered 140 court representatives, registry office chiefs, IT administrators and other court staff. Through the presentation of PIS system, its functionalities and potential for further development, they have gained immediate insight into significant resource savings that PIS enables by replacing official paper-based communication between courts and other institutions.

Mario Maletić, Head of the E-Justice Sector in the Ministry of Justice, presented the savings in time and money that the system enables by making information key for efficient court procedures, especially service of process and enforcement, available with a click of a mouse. These information are contained within the registries managed by other state bodies such as the Business Registers Agency, the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Central Registry of Mandatory Social Insurance, Ministry of Interior, etc. The Ministry presented a plan to broaden the range of institutions and their data to be made available through PIS in the future, such as information from the land registry on real estate ownership, information on bank account numbers and their holders form the National Bank of Serbia, etc.

These events were the opportunity for the Ministry of Justice to present another initiative it has been developing which is the centralized platform for internet presentations of judicial bodies. This platform will make it easier for the courts to maintain up-to-date websites while at the same time allowing the citizens insight into information on court performance in a standardized, unified manner. Jovana Mihajlović, lawyer in the E-Justice Department, presented the web page of the court in Sremska Mitrovica, which has been developed on this platform.

The fact that the number of clicks in PIS has grown by 40.000 in the period from March to May demonstrates that these events have had the desired effect. The courts have become aware of all advantages that PIS offers for quick and reliable access to data and reducing duration of certain parts of the court procedure. The Project will continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice in broadening the scope of information accessible through the system, especially those relevant for service of process and enforcement.


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