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Judiciary Joins the Open Data Initiative

06 03 2018

Judiciary Joins the Open Data Initiative

Open Data – free of charge, accessible, machine-readable and open format data – have been uniformly recognized as one of the main characteristics of an open, transparent, and accountable government. This concept is part and parcel of the Open Government Partnership, a global initiative launched in 2011 with over seventy member states, Serbia being one of them as of 2013.

The Serbian Office for ICT and E-Governance is marked the Open Data Week from March 6 to March 11, 2018. They launched a series of events across the country to raise awareness of benefits of opening data in the possession of institutions of central and local government for citizens, civil society organizations, startups, ICT hubs, and other stakeholders that can add value and make use of it in a manner that further benefits the society and the economy.

The USAID Rule of Law Project worked with the Ministry of Justice on opening several data sets this institution is responsible for as part of its participation in the Open Data Week. With technical assistance from USAID, the Ministry became one of 22 Serbian institutions/organizations to make their data available in open data format on the official Government open data portal Data published this week by the Ministry concern registries of public notaries, public enforcement officers, expert witnesses, and mediators. The Ministry will continue opening its data to enable interested parties to further process it and add value in the shape of developing research, business models, IT applications, and visualizations. A government ready to open its data allows for increased transparency of its operations, as well as provides support for the further development of creative business initiatives and knowledge economy.


12 02 2019