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Niš Appellate Court Presents 2017 Annual Report

08 05 2018

Niš Appellate Court Presents 2017 Annual Report

USAID Rule of Law Project supported the presentation of the 2017 Annual Report of the Niš Appellate Court and courts operating under its jurisdiction. The report was presented to the presidents of the basic and higher court of the Niš appellate jurisdiction in the presence of local media.

As emphasized in the opening address of the Supreme Court President, Dragomir Milojević, by presenting court performance results to professional public and citizens alike the courts are fulfilling their obligation to improve transparency of their operations contained within both the National Judicial Reform Strategy and the Chapter 23 Action Plan. President Milojević stated also that the 2017 report is modernized and is a result of team work by the Appellate Court, the Supreme Court of Cassation and with the support of the USAID Rule of Law Project. It is also improved in terms of methodology as performance data have been presented in a manner making them easily understandable, with infographic and tables, as well as by employing CEPEJ guidelines which make performance data on Serbian courts comparable with those of the courts in European countries.

Acting President of the Niš Appellate Court, Dragan Jocić, stated that even with the increased incoming caseload, especially in the Appellate Court, the judges and courts of the Niš appellate jurisdiction managed a clearance rate for incoming cases of 102.68%. This situation was further complicated by having less judges than envisaged in the decision of the Supreme Court of Cassation, as well as less court staff due to the standing ban on employment in the public sector.

The 2017 Annual Report of the Niš Appellate Court, as well as courts operating under its jurisdiction, can be found on the court’s webpage.

You can watch the report of TV Belami from the event here


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