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Numbers to Better Understand the Courts

03 06 2019

Numbers to Better Understand the Courts

Judicial statistics may seem hard to understand and a dry read for citizens not well-versed in legal terminology and without any direct experience with the courts and judges, or first-hand knowledge on how judiciary operates. That is why the judicial institutions have a task to make their work more understandable for the citizens, and using clear language, devoid of legal jargon to the extent possible, explain how courts and judges function.

For two years in a row, with the support from the Supreme Court of Cassation, we have been working with all four appellate courts in Serbia on developing joint annual performance reports for the appellate courts, and basic and higher courts operating under their jurisdiction, so as to build on statistical data, and make them more palatable through plain-spoken text and visual aids such as charts, to present a realistic picture of the judiciary in the past 365 days with all specific characteristic of the judiciary in four appellate regions.

The four reports have the same structure, inform the citizens about the conditions in which the courts operate, the number of judges and court staff, and the number and type of incoming cases. Such joint reports are an opportunity for the leading judicial institutions to recognized the trends concerning e.g. increased number of incoming cases of a certain type, such as ‘mass’ or ‘repetitive’ cases, or the impact the number of court staff has on the clearing rate in the courts, as well as emphasizing he areas where good results have been achieved, and explain the situation with clearing old cases – those older than 3, 5, or 10 years.

With Project support, the Kragujevac Appellate Court presented their 2018 Annual Performance Report to the general public, including for the first time the civil society organizations, and the students and the professors of the Kragujevac Faculty of Law.

2018 joint performance reports for the four appellations can be found here:

Belgrade Appellate Court

Kragujevac Appellate Court

Nis Appellate Court

Novi Sad Appellate Court


12 02 2019