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Perception Survey on the Enforcement of Judgments in Serbia

05 03 2018

Perception Survey on the Enforcement of Judgments in Serbia

In November 2017, the USAID Rule of Law Project partnered with CeSID on conducting a comprehensive perception survey on the enforcement system in Serbia. The main goal of the survey was to measure awareness and basic knowledge of citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders, about the system of enforcement of judgments in Serbia.

This is a baseline survey, providing both quantitative and qualitative data. The survey sample includes 1,600 respondents, including 800 representatives of the general population, and 800 business sector representatives, in addition to 40 key stakeholders, and five focus groups (four with citizens and one with businesses) organized in four regional centers (Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac) in January 2018.

The main, largely unsurprising conclusions of the survey, completed in February 2018, are the following:

  • Citizens have a predominantly negative attitude towards both the enforcement process and the public enforcement officers, and in general feel they lack information about enforcement;
  • Citizens are insufficiently aware of all the benefits and opportunities provided to them in the enforcement process;
  • Businesses have a much more positive perception of the public enforcement officers (businesses with prior experience were more likely to see them in a positive light (30%), whereas the greatest proportion of polled companies held neutral views);
  • The media insufficiently, and inaccurately, reports on enforcement.

The survey summary can be found here. The survey will also provide guidance to both the Project and the key stakeholders (the Ministry of Justice and the Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers) in designing and implementing a wide public education campaign on all facets of enforcement and its crucial importance for the rule of law in Serbia.


12 02 2019