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Public Relations - PR Manual for Public Enforcement Officers

30 11 2019

Public Relations - PR Manual for Public Enforcement Officers

After several successfully delivered training sessions on public appearance and public relations, held in 2019, and attended by a quarter of the total number of public enforcement officers in Serbia, an idea formed to unify all practical advice and the most important messages that the training participants received in a manual thereby making those accessible to all public enforcement officers.  

Every profession has unique challenges, and as for the public enforcement officers, they are the ones ‘taking the heat’, not only in Serbia, but anywhere when it comes to evictions an auctioning off of the immovable property. In these challenging times, they should maintain their composure, act professionally, satisfy journalistic curiosity, while at the same time maintaining focus on protecting the best interest of the parties involved. It is because of this that the PR Manual focuses on topics related to specific situations when public enforcement officers are facing increased interest from the press or when their work is being dissected in the public.

USAID Rule of Law Project drafted this PR Manual in cooperation with our Project partners, ‘Alterfact’, as well as with the Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers.

Public Relations: PR Manual for Public Enforcement Officers


12 02 2019