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Single Platform for Judicial Bodies’ Webpages

29 06 2018

Single Platform for Judicial Bodies’ Webpages

Today in Belgrade, USAID Rule of Law Project provided support to the Ministry of Justice in organizing a training for the use of a centralized platform for developing webpages for judicial bodies. The Ministry analyzed the data on visits to courts’ webpages and determined which are the information that citizens usually search for. On the basis of this, they created a structure for a uniform template for developing webpages of judicial bodies. This allows organizing the same type and quantity of data on courts on the internet page in a manner that would allow the citizens under which category to search for what data. The centralized platform also allows for the creation of mobile-friendly websites since it was determined that over 70% of citizens access internet content on their phones.

Higher courts in Belgrade, Sremska Mitrovica and Zrenjanin, as well as the First Basic Court in Belgrade and the Basic Court in Nova Pazova transferred their websites to this platform. The representatives of the Higher Court in Belgrade presented their experience with migrating their website to the centralized platform, while the Ministry presented the user manual for maintaining and updating webpages on this platform. Costs of hosting and malware protection services for webpages on the centralized platform are covered by the Ministry of Justice which means no additional costs for the courts. The benefits of this standardization are many, primarily for the citizens and for improving transparency of judicial operations.


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