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Towards A faster And More Efficient Enforcement System in 2019

26 12 2018

Towards A faster And More Efficient Enforcement System in 2019

In the past two days, the USAID Rule of Law Project, in cooperation with the EU technical assistance project, EU for Justice - Support for Chapter 23, rounded off the efforts continuously invested throughout 2018 in improving the existing system of enfocement jointly with the Ministry of Justice. The Project has been providing support to the working group since April when activities on amending the Law on Enforcement and Security began, while the European partners took part in this process in order to ensure that full harmonization with the EU acquis and demands of the EU accession is enabled.

Yesterday, experts of both projects supported the work of select working group members on finalizing the text of amendments, while the working group gathered today in full, with the Minister of Justice, Nela Kuburović, and the President of the Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers, Aleksandra Trešnjev, in attendance as well.

The most important amendments to existing legislative provisions regulating the enforcement procedure and the work of the public enforcment officers were presented, including introducing the principle of proportionality, making the means by which the debt is settled commensurate with its amount, introducing e-auction for the forced selling of movable and immovable property, which would make this procedure more fair and transparent, as well as decreasing the number of legal remedies to ensure a more efficient procedure.

Assistant Minister for judiciary, Jelena Deretić, presented to the working group the conclusions and recommendations formulated during the recent meetings with the peer review mission of the European Commission concerning the improvement of the system of enforcement of judgments in Serbia.

This working group meeting marked the intensive and fruitful efforts invested in 2018 on amending this law which is crucial for establishing and maintaining the full rule of law in Serbia. Draft amendments are being finalized and it is expected that they will be put up for public discussion in February 2019. 

Photo: Ministry of Justice


12 02 2019